Posted by: Jim Adcock | February 8, 2011

Getting Search Engine Traffic

Well, obviously, if you want traffic from search engines, you have to post content relevant to what people are searching for.

Unfortunately, that’s not so easy…

It’s not finding out what people are searching for that is difficult, you can get Google to give you that information, or you can check Twitter, or Bing.

It’s just that Justin Bieber, for instance, or any other popular topic, may be a hot topic, but the number of people gossiping, tweeting, and posting about him makes a lot of noise that is difficult to rise above.  Rising above the noise requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or brand recognition, and you are competing against established entities with brand recognition and SEO.   If you choose this route, you won’t use search results to build your audience, you’ll have to build your audience before search results gets you traffic.

Instead, especially if you haven’t yet found your blog’s “voice”, consider a road less traveled.  What niche market are you an expert in or would like to write about?  If your topic involves a less-than-niche-market, how can you differentiate what you offer from what everyone else is offering?

For my main blog, Working It Out, one of my main topics is SharePoint.  There are a few SharePoint bloggers out there, but SharePoint is such a big, complicated product with so many features and gotchas to look out for, the market for information is currently larger than the amount of information offered. 

What do you know that other people don’t?

Jim Adcock is a SharePoint Administrator, and blogs about SharePoint at his main blog, Working It Out. He is also Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Consequently, Jim also blogs about career management. He also serves as Secretary on the Austin Software Process Improvement Network Board of Directors. He also wants to know why everyone keeps asking him about sleep…



  1. I just write about what my intuition dictates for the day. Can’t say I get that many hits (I don’t really know what is a good amount), but if I make a person feel good about reading my post, if if it is only my husband, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

    • It sounds like you are more of a casual blogger. My cooking blog is much the same for me… I do it because I love to share, and am not driven by the hit counts, like I am on Working it Out. But I still love it when I get hits!

      Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Are you using the WordPress publicize feature? Your friends my be the best source for readers, at least to start with. Once you get them reading regularly, you might be able to impose on them to re-tweet your posts, or post on their Facebook. (“And they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…”)

      Depending on your topics, you may end up with search engine traffic anyway. I did a post last year about going on a roller coaster with my daughter (I was able to te it in with career management, if you can believe that), and I still get search traffic occasionally for things like “rollercoaster metaphor”.

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