Posted by: Jim Adcock | May 11, 2011

Promotional Venue – LinkedIn

This is the third post in a series on places you can go to promote your blog.

This also follows up on the advantages of maintaining a professional demeanor in your social media.

Whether your blog has a specific theme relevant to your profession, or you’ve just written an individual post that is relevant, you can use LinkedIn as a venue to promote your blog.

First you have to join LinkedIn (which, hopefully, you already have. Do I need to get out my hammer?) Once you have done that, look for relevant groups to join. For me, as a SharePoint administrator and developer, most of the groups I have joined are SharePoint-related. I have also joined local general technology groups, local job hunting groups, and some groups related to software process. Some of the technical user groups I am a member of in the real world of have LinkedIn groups.

Along with regional and local professional interest groups, there are also University and (for large companies) company alumni groups.

Find the groups that apply to you professionally or that have relevance to your career history. Then when you write a post that is relevant to the group, you can post a link in the group discussions to you blog post. (And you can do it very easily once you configure the WordPress sharing features!)

Jim Adcock is a SharePoint Administrator, and blogs about SharePoint at his main blog, Working It Out. He is also Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Consequently, Jim also blogs about career management. He also serves as Secretary on the Austin Software Process Improvement Network Board of Directors. He also wants to know why everyone keeps asking him about sleep…



  1. Thanks for the tip. I joined LinkedIn a while back but really haven’t pursued it. I’m going to go check out the groups.

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